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The ‘World’s Fastest Professional Gunfighters’ is an organization of old west style fast draw shooters. We wear 1880’s vintage style clothing and use single action .45 caliber handguns with appropriate leather goods. Firearms and equipment are scrutinized in keeping with ‘old west’ traditions as best as possible. Our methods of shooting are strictly thumbing. There are no special ‘fanning’ guns or holsters allowed. Twisting of the gun out of the holster is not allowed.  We compete against shooters strictly within our abilities. Our matches are fairly contested with each new shooting event bringing the fastest out of each competitor. We shoot at a distance of 14′ on 20×40 ‘Blocker’ targets. Our matches consist of wax bullets without gunpowder and a 209 shotgun primer. Our matches are decided by the first shooter to hit 3 winning shots. An electronic timer determines the outcome of each match.

The personal goals of our shooters include personal best times, and a .300 pin. The .300 pin is the most coveted award given out today. It’s a number that is reachable but not easy to obtain. We want to see many .300 pins given out in the future.

The 14′ distance was chosen for several reasons.

1: No other shooting society shoots at that distance.

2: We want matches where the fastest shot wins. A match where one shooter misses and the other hits for a win is not as competitive as having both shooters hit and the fastest time declared the winner. We want to develop great competition.

3: We want shooters to HIT the target.

We are all about the ‘SPORT’ of ‘FAST’ draw.