K K Kid

3 time Texas State Champion (CFDA)

5 time Oklahoma State Champion (CFDA)

2017 Kansas state Champion (CFDA)

2017 Colorado state Champion (CFDA)

2017 Four Corners Territorial Champion (CFDA)

2018 Louisiana state Champion (CFDA)

 FIREARM: New Ruger Vaquero  HOLSTER: Part Time Holster
 BULLETS:   LOCATION: Odessa, Texas
K.K.Kid is a Veterinarian Technician She is the current manager of Tall City Veterinary Hospital NVA in Midland Texas. She is very family oriented. She has a wonderful husband and daughter. Both her daughter and her shoot fast-draw. K.K. is an avid outdoorsman. She loves to go camping, fishing and hunting. K.K. passions are family, animal and fast-draw.