Open Division

Entry fees; World Championships= $100,00
State/Regional Shoots= $75.00
Pot Shoots= discretion of the host

Matches; Guaranteed 15 rounds/ More at the discretion of the host
Open Division start times will be on Fridays at 2:00 pm
Shoot offs to start on Saturday at 10:00 Am
maximum # of shoot off participants =12
Under 12 shooters/ all to be in the finals

Payouts; 90% payback up to 30 shooters. Over 30 shooters a 50% portion of the entry fees to go to the WFPG organization for the development of future WFPG clubs.
Payouts will never exceed 7
Up to 20 shooters will pay to 5th place. Over 20 to 7th place

Format; Each shooter will compete with an ISI number ( individual speed index). The ISI number will be determined by the shooters average fast times in a previous match. A first time shooter will have a 20 shot practice round to determine the ISI number. For instance; if the shooters average fast time is .400 then the ISI number will be .430 Any shot over .430 will not count. Any shot faster than average will count but the ISI number will come down for future shoots. The object of the ISI is to keep a fair playing field. No one will be able to slow down against a shooter with a higher ISI number for an easy win. In essence each shooter is competing against him or her self.
Sandbagging will not be tolerated at any time. Any shooter that has been determined to slow down for a lesser ISI number than their best effort will be asked to leave. The WFPG is all about competitors giving their best efforts each and every shot.

Men/women/juniors will compete against each other at this time. Additional membership may determine gender/age divisions in the future

Rules; All WFPG rules apply to the open division. Contact the WFPGunfighters web page for rules.