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  1. Fellow gunfighters, sorry I haven’t been able to shoot with you folks in a while I miss being there with you at the shoots. But my back and shoulders, because of the pain just don’t work well anymore. But there are some days (few) when I can stand straight I go into my shop and strap on my gun and try. I love this sport and miss it and you folks. I hope someday soon with the help of my doctors I’ll be able to join you again. I keep track of how fast you all are becoming and am proud to be a charter member of your club.
    Keep the speed up you are all being watched by the country of gunfighters!

  2. Dale, sorry to hear you are not feeling well. If you are the creator of the EasyLoader Press I would be interested in knowing if you still had one you would be willing to sell or at least one of the 50 bullet aluminum dies to put in my own press. Stay well and look forward to hearing from you. Chuck Testa (Six Spinner) ctesta61@verizon.net

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