Brad Quick

WFPG .300 Club
 FIREARM: Ruger New Vaquero  HOLSTER: Crease-N-Coral , holster by PartTime
 BULLETS: Quick Wax  LOCATION: Mansfield, Tx

I was sitting in the Quick roofing office one day , bored and thinking about how I would like to learn how to fastdraw. So I got on Facebook, went to a fast draw forum and asked how I get into this sport. Long story short Jon TRICKSHOT Wilson contacted me and got me hooked up with Chad Briley ( lighting Jessy). I shot for about a year with Lighting Jessie’s club then formed my own club , DFW Gunslingers which is growing till this day. We are one of the few clubs that are based on speed. Other WFPG shooters such as Part Time and Lawless are part of DFWGunslingers. We drag race each other nearly EVERY weekend. I’m married to Pixie Quick another fast draw shooter. We like to travel the nation hitting different shoots going on. We live in Mansfield, Texas . I’m in the Roofing and Trim Carpentry business. My loves are: God, Pixie Quick Paco, my long hair chihuahua, My Family Shooting fastdraw, and going as freakin’ fast as I possibly can.