Doc Holli Day

2017 CFDA Arizona State Ladies Champion

2016 CFDA Kansas State Ladies Champion

2016 CFDA Virginia State Ladies Traditional Champion Best Dressed in South Dakota, VA

2015 CFDA Fastest Gun Alive Only female member of the 2016 World Championship Fast Draw Team Recipient of the 2017 Lester P. Larceny Character Award

 FIREARM: Second Generation Colt  HOLSTER: Shaniko Mexican Loop
 BULLETS: Spitfire High Temp Short Red  LOCATION: Surprise, AZ

I am a mom to two amazing children by day and gunfighter on the side. I come from a family of professional gunfighters and I LOVE to go fast. I love all things related to John Henry “Doc” Holliday history so shooting fast with the best gunfighters out there seemed an obvious choice.