Frank James

 FIREARM: Ruger Vaquero  HOLSTER: Custom Self Made
 BULLETS: Spitfire  LOCATION: Texas

I grew up in the Adirondack mountains hunting, shooting and fishing. I retired from the Marine Corps as a MSgt in 1996. I settled in Texas. Self employed for the next three years. I also wanted to work with troubled youth. A position for Drill Instructor came open. I went to work at A Boot Camp for youth. Texas juvenile justice system. I retired as a Sgt in 2014. I have always enjoyed shooting. I also enjoyed shooting long distance.
I also shot archery for many years. I hunted and competed with the long bow. NEVER thought I would be interested in shooting a wax bullet. (Lol) That was until I got introduced to Bee Stinger at the Beehive range in Gainsville Texas. She strapped a holster and gun on me and said try this! I shot about 10 rounds took it off and handed it back to her. She told me I could keep shooting. My reply was when we doing this again! This was January of 2020.
I have greatly enjoyed shooting Fast Draw (wax bullets) since that time. The most fun you will ever have with a gun! I have met some of the most honest, caring, and giving people in this sport. This is from the founder (Kodiak) to the newest members! Made me feel like I was part of the family from day one. Every time you get on the line, give your best! Don’t discount Fast Draw until you at least try it for yourself.
My personal fastest time .313.