Hell On Wheels

2013 Men’s Resurrection Worlds FGA, 2nd Place

2014 Quick & Dead, 1st Place

2014 Southern Territorial 49r, 2nd Place

2014 Southern Territorial 10th Place Overall

2015 Colorado State 49r, 1st Place 2015 Colorado State Men’s, 7th Place

2015 Glendale Wild West Days, 1st Place

2016 SoCal Pot Survivor, 6th Place

2016 WinterRange, 3rd Place

2016 Nationals, 8th Place

2016 Fast Draw Camp, 1st Place Overall

2017 SoCal Pot Survivor, 10th Place

2017 WPGA Reno, 15th Place

 FIREARM: .45 New Vaquero  HOLSTER: Crease N Corral Custom
 BULLETS: Spitfire Wax  LOCATION: Tucson, Arizona

Robert began his sporting competition in college. Confined to a wheelchair from a rare form of spinal cancer since the age of 13, he sought out sports as a way to stay active. Archery was a sport that was adaptable to him, and he competed at a college level for 4 years. He joined the Wheelchair National Archery organization and began competing with other wheelchair athletes. In 1985, he won his first National competition. In 1986, he was selected for the US international team to compete in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he finished in 3rd place overall. Robert then trained with the US Paralympic team and was selected to represent the US team in Seoul Korea in 1988. He has won half a dozen National Championships, and was also selected to represent the US in the 1996 Paralympics in Atlanta, GA. Shoulder injury from many years of shooting contributed to a hiatus from archery. During this time, he found Cowboy Fastdraw during a local Town Alley in Old Tucson. He joined the local club and hasn’t looked back since. Fast draw has evolved over the past 5 years since he started. Never dreaming he would ever shoot as fast as the Pro’s, he continues to perfect his game. Now, he enjoys the extreme competition of World Professional Gunfighters, and hopes to continue until he can’t anymore…