2012 CFDA World Champion

2012 Western States Territorial Champion

2015 Idaho State Champion

1st established CFDA World Record holder(.311)

Organizer of the World’s Fastest Professional Gunfighter’s league. Owner ‘Antelope Valley Grizzlies’ WFPG club

 FIREARM: Ruger  HOLSTER: Shaniko
 BULLETS: Bandit Wax  LOCATION: Reno, NV

Started fast draw with another organization in 2009. Became a World Record holder in two years and a World Champion in 3. Retired police officer. Born and raised in Reno NV. Happily married for nearly 30 years to my wonderful wife/partner/best friend Michelle. Raise chickens and pheasants. Studied martial arts and boxing for years and now train with several different firearms along with physical training. Have a goal to bring fast draw to it’s highest level for speed and accuracy and compete with the fastest in the world.