2018 CFDA Mens Traditional World Champion

2018 WFPG Arizona State Champion Holds the world record in CFDA with a .281

Holds the world record on WFPG with a .269


 FIREARM: Taylor’s Ranchhand  HOLSTER: Ken’s leather
 BULLETS: Royal Wax  LOCATION: Nellysford Virginia

Taylor’s and Company

Southfork Rangers

I started shooting in April of 2016. When I’m not on the line I enjoy time with my wife, five dogs, camping, hiking, painting, wood burning, ATV riding, and cooking a good southern meal. I found fastdraw at a gun show late March of 2016, I was 23 at the time, but had a .45 for 2 years already. The day I turned 21 I bought a Uberti .45 5.5 as I’ve always loved the old cowboy six guns. At 3 years old i was wearing cowboy boots and a cowboy hat, running around with my cap gun. Watching Clint Eastwood and Tombstone. Ready to draw fast.