Locked & Loaded

Won the Nevada State Championship 2020 and qualified for the .300 pin
 FIREARM: Ruger Vaquero  HOLSTER: Ernie Hill Max 3
 BULLETS: Spitfire  LOCATION: Fresno, CA

James AKA Locked & Loaded from Fresno CA. I was introduced to the sport of the Worlds Fasted Professional Gunfighters May 2020 when I met Marshal Cooper as a customer for solar. As we talked he shared with me his passion for the sport and I asked him if we (my dad aka Rusty Gun) could give it a try. I grew up watching steal challenge shooters and Bob Munden videos, and was pretty excited. There was nothing I had ever done to compare to the adrenaline and intensity of being on a light. What also intrigued me the most was that Marshal Cooper was truly able to react and shoot as fast as he claimed CONSISTANTLY and it highlighted the true ability, dedication and time spent to develop the true art that this WFPG gunfighter achieved. I also saw proper rules in place to cultivate greatness instead of tricks and luck, and that they used guns that can shoot regular ammo and use a holster that is practical for real carry in 1880 and also outside of the sport today. I saw that the hip style shooting was easily able to transition into any self defense shooting stance and reasoned it out that there was nothing to lose. So I decided to learn the art and develop the reaction times. I started eating drinking and dreaming fast draw, training every day as much as I possibly could. I would study Marshal Cooper and listen to what he said trying my best to put it into play during practice and training, and in November 2020 I competed in my first match The Nevada State Championship and won 1st place. It takes a list of disciplines I check off each time I’m on the line shooting, and am very grateful I had Marshal Cooper to train me so I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel and learn from scratch as he did, also everyone in the WFPG who are like family, I thank you all! Kodiak and Rail City always willing to help me, thank you! My goals will be to get where I can simply focus on speed because everything else I need to be doing has been drilled in as 1st nature and set to muscle memory. My goal each time I shoot is to improve my own times and averages and see those gains like a body builder takes shape! When it comes to growth the one think I always remember is – If your feel you are on the top of the mountain looking down, it means you need to look up and understand more – because with God all things are possible!