Ol’ Grouch

 FIREARM: Cimarron Old Frame Model P  HOLSTER: Ernie Hill MAX3 Arganbright carved
 BULLETS: Spitfire standard  LOCATION: Amarillo, Texas

Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, moved to Amarillo as a teenager. Have been shooting single action .45 Colts continuously since I was 9, nearly 63 years, even used them successfully on several deer hunts. I’ve enjoyed other shooting sports competitions such as metallic silhouettes with pistols out to 100 yards and black powder rifle and pistol reactive targets out to 100 yards. Started single action fast draw in 2017, qualified for Masters Division of WFPG in 2018, shot one WFPG match in 2019 and one match in 2020 where I made it into the Dirty Dozen. Looking forward to more with the best people on earth.