Cap’n Call

Rodeo Romeo

2014 Southern Territorial Champion

2015 Southern Territorial Champion

2014 4 Corners Territorial Resident Champion

2015 4 Corners Territorial Resident Champion

2016 Survivor Champion

2017 Arizona State Resident Champion

2017 4th Place World’s Fastest Gun Alive

2018 Winter Range Champion

2019 Winter Range Champion

November 2019 .300 club member with .292

 FIREARM: Ruger Talo  HOLSTER: Ernie Hill Speed MAX2
 BULLETS: Royal Wax  LOCATION: Phoenix, AZ

Cap’m Call started shooting Cowboy Fast Draw in January 2011. Traveled to first World competition 2012. Busting out of the main event early but went on to win the second chance match that year. Since then acquiring multiple Territorial and State Championships. 2015 with business partner Thirsty (Charlie Holmes) opened up The Fast Draw Training Camp north of Phoenix, AZ training Fast Draw shooters and providing NRA certified firearms safety and CCW classes.