WFPG is a Shooting Sport created to provide a competitive atmosphere and format to enable all participants to perform at one’s best with the highest level of competition in Cowboy Style Fast Draw.

RULES (June 2019)


 Competitors are expected to dress in the, “gunfighter” style of the old west. The 1870’s Period is preferred, but accuracy of construction is not a requirement. Below are recommended guidelines for WFPG matches. (Club practices are exempt; however, mandatory foot and eye protection are required at all times!)

  1. Cowboy boots mandatory for all gunfighters (disability exceptions).
  2. Cowboy hats mandatory for men.
  3. All shooters are to wear period style clothing.
  4. Long sleeve shirts required for men ( Extreme heat: shooters may wear short sleeve western shirts).
  5. Sponsors should be recognized and appreciated. Club or individual sponsors may have their logo displayed on an accepted style shirt (period correct/western era/Henley) as long as it is in good taste.  A small insignia on the front of the shirt and/or back of the collar is preferred.



    Must be single action revolver’s chambered for .45 colt, nonadjustable rear sites and be a faithful reproduction to the Colt Peacemaker.

  1. Must be period correct with no alterations other than internal tuning and polishing.
  2. No aluminum, titanium barrels or cylinders.
  3. No modification to trigger guards, no outside alterations (exception, the hammer knurl may be smoothed).
  4. No rubber grips.
  5. The barrels to be no shorter than 4 1/2 inches and no longer than 7 1/2 inches.
  6. Front sights are optional.



.45 casings that accept standard wax bullets and .209 primers.



 WFPG shall have all competitions shot in the “Thumbing” style. No “Fanning” or “Twisting” allowed.



  1. Only 1800’s western-style one piece Mexican loop, Slim Jim, and California pattern holsters made of leather and rawhide construction. No steel lined holsters will be allowed.
  2. All holsters shall be equipped with a deflector shield for safety.
  3. The gun must fit the holster.
  4. The holster pouch side cut will cover the cylinder notches when viewed from the side
  5. The front holster pouch cut (top of the gun frame) shall not be lower than 1 1/14 inches to the point where the hammer contacts the frame, except Ruger Vaquero which will be measured from the milled depression where it meets the rear site groove. Repairs are allowed and must be permanent with leather or rawhide only.
  6. All holsters shall be equipped with a hammer hold down strap. Guns are to be tied down at all times, except when on the shooting line, Dry Fire range, or at a cleaning table.



Guns and holsters must pass gun check before the competition begins and are subject to further inspection on the line:

  1. Holsters must be 1880’s period Mexican loop holsters through a leather belt.
  2. Construction materials can only be leather or rawhide or a combination of both. Only materials available during the period are allowed. Holster construction or repair shall not include modifications using metal, plastics, epoxies, electrical tape, cloth, or other modern materials. Holster modification is not allowed.
  3. Period correct single action Colt or Colt clones with no external modifications chambered in .45 caliber only. Internal springs and polished factory parts are the only tuning allowed.



  1. Everyone in proximity of the range is required to wear eye protection.
  2. Shooters18 and younger are required to wear both eye and ear protection.



While loading on the shooting line the barrel of the gun must be facing down range.

 – Target to target rule:

The muzzle of your firearm must never be pointed from side to side further than two outside targets (approximately 45 degrees either way)
Penalty – 1st is Round DQ, 2nd is Match DQ



Any of the following violations shall result in loss of round:

  1. Failure to holster one’s gun after the Range Master has given the command, “Holster guns, Down Range”.
  2. Turning one’s body from side to side while holding a firearm.
  3. Dropping the firearm on the firing line.
  4. Discharging a round while loading or unloading.
  5. Failure to have properly verified the cylinder is empty, has been hammered down and holstered prior to leaving the firing line.



Any of the following violations shall result in the loss of shot:

  1. Boot shots. Discharging the firearm while in the holster, shooting through the top/front pouch of the holster or shooting behind the line.
  2. Absolutely no recovery shots allowed. A shot must be at or under the maximum time to count (currently .370). One light, one shot attempt.
  3. Loss of balance on the firing line during shooting (falling down or backwards away from the shooting line). Off balance shots can be dangerous.
  4. False Start Rule.  A draw/shot after the set command and before the light shall be considered a false start.  ALL shots on the line will be VOID and declared a NO SHOT.  The shot will be fired over, except for the original violator and his/her opponent. The violating shooter’s opponent will be awarded the point. The violator shall lose the point. Remaining shooters will not be penalized for drawing early based on a false start from another shooter.  An obvious flinch or movement to draw prematurely will result in a loss of shot by the violator and the opponent shall be awarded the winning point. Other ongoing matches will not be affected by the flinch/movement. (Physical afflictions such as nervous shaking or medical conditions such as Parkinson’s are not considered a premature attempt to draw and should not be penalized)



Any of the following violations shall result in Match Disqualification:

  1. Loading or unloading ammunition anywhere but on the firing line.
  2. No live ammunition allowed.
  3. No alcohol permitted until entire match ends, the range has been closed and all firearms must have been put away.




  1.  Firearm may be touched while in the holster, known as the “lawman ready position” you may have your thumb on the hammer and grip on the handle. Any movement of the gun or cocking (“Rocking”) of the hammer after the set command is given and before the starting light will be considered anticipation.


  1. Finger must remain outside of trigger guard once the set command has been given.
    Penalty: 1st offense – a warning. 2nd offense – loss of shot.  3rd offense in the same round – Loss of round. 


  1. No more than five rounds shall be loaded in the firearm.
    Penalty: 1st offense – a warning. 2nd offense in same round –  loss of shot.
  2. Guns to remain holstered until the “Load and make ready” command is given.
    Penalty: 1st offense – a warning. 2nd offense in same round –  loss of shot
  3. Dry firing allowed only after “Load and make ready” command has been given.
    Penalty: 1st offense – a warning. 2nd offense in same round –  loss of shot
  4. Firearms to be holstered at all times: Exceptions being the designated dry fire areas, cleaning areas and the firing line.
    Penalty: 1st offense – a warning. 2nd offense is disqualification from next round (X), 3rd is a Match DQ.



“LOAD AND MAKE READY”: Once on the firing line this command allows you to load.

“LINE IS READY”: Command given by the range master to inform the time operator that the shooters are ready for the shooting commands.

“SHOOTER’S ON THE LINE, SHOOTER’S SET”: given by the time operator, at which point the timers are started.

“UNLOAD AND SHOW CLEAR”: given to indicate your match is over and you are to begin the unloading procedure.

“GUN CLEAR, HAMMER DOWN AND HOLSTER”:  given to indicate the round is over, the gun has been checked clear, and you may leave the firing line.

“HOLSTER GUNS, DOWN RANGE”: All firearms are holstered, thereby allowing members to check or clean targets. No members shall cross the firing line until this command has been given.


TARGET SIZE: BLOCKER TARGETS 40″ x 20″. The targets should be laser checked from the shooting line such that the center of the light is at 44” from each shooters box on the firing line. The firing line shall be 14 feet from the target line.

Round robin, three winning shots, no X out, qualifying rounds for seeding.

All main matches will follow a “Dirty Dozen” double elimination championship shoot off format.

Higher seed has lane choice throughout.

A maximum of 10 shots are allowed per round.  Both shooters will receive an X if a win is not achieved within 10 shots. This rule only applies during the main match and not in the finals.

Qualified shots must be .370 or faster in order to count.

Any shot over .370 will not count and will be scored as a NO-TIME.



Matches are required to use hand judges. The exception being when there are less than 8 shooters participating. Each hand judge will be the next shooter in their prescribed lanes. Each hand judge will sit behind the shooter approximately 6-8 feet and slightly offset as to see the gun and hand position. At no time will the hand judge be allowed to sit to the side of the shooter. Hand Judges will stand until their gunfighter has loaded and is set to shoot. (Wheelchair hand judges may signal Range Master by hand when their shooter is ready.) Hand judges will provide help and assistance to their shooters when requested, as well as watch for rule infractions during the round.



  1. Club matches and Jackpot shoots shall be at the discretion of the range host.
  2. State and Regional Championships: $150.00 entry fee.
  3. Masters Championships: $200.00 entry fee.



  1. A bonus for the fastest time per match will be decided by the hosting agency and posted before the match begins.
  2. A bonus for a world record will be decided by the hosting agency and posted before the match begins.
  3. Any World record that is broken must be backed up by a shot no more than .020 of a second. If a backup shot is not made during the round in which the record was shot, three (3) additional shot attempts shall be given immediately after the respective round.


THE .300 PIN

 The .300 pin is the most coveted award in our sport. This award can only be achieved at a State level event or higher. This pin shall be awarded to each shooter that scores a legitimate .300 time or faster.



  1. Membership dues are $80.00 first time which includes holster logo Concho.
  2. Annual renewal fee is $50 per year (after the first year).
  3. Dues are payable in June of each year. Dues shall not be prorated.
  4. Membership dues must be paid before entry fees will be accepted for championship matches.
  5. Dues are not required for club level matches, practice or qualifying.



Amendments and enforcement of new rules shall occur on the next membership cycle of June 1st. These rules, along with any amendments, can be found at the WFPG website ( They may also be requested at any WFPG tournament.



In the event of dispute or disagreement with any of the rules herein, the Arbitration Committee shall be consulted.  The Arbitration Committee shall take the complaint under advisement.  In the event the complaint is about another shooter, the committee will discuss the matter with the complainant and the  accused.  They will hear both sides of the argument.  They will then refer to these rules and make a determination.  All such determinations rendered by the committee shall be considered resolved and are final.  In the event the complaint is regarding a rule, the members of the committee will hear the argument.  They will then consult these rules to determine the validity of the argument.  If the argument is deemed to have merit, these rules shall be amended.  If the argument is not deemed of particular benefit, the rules shall remain as is.   All such decisions delivered by the committee shall be considered resolved and are final.

    The Arbitration Committee Members shall be:

  1. Kodiak – or (775) 741-1557
  2. Marshal Cooper – or (559) 259-8673
  3. Cap’m Call – or (602) 617-3186
  4. Kid Curry – or (806) 443-4353
  5. Rail City – or (775) 544-0931


Target tenders, announcers, scorekeepers, public information officer, gun/holster checkers, range officer(s)

Target backdrops, safety barriers, extra eye and ear protection.

Shooters will be guaranteed 15 rounds.  No shooter will be against the same person twice unless there are less than 15 competitors.  The event host will determine if there are more than 15 rounds.

When the event is held at a public venue with an audience, the Dirty Dozen will shoot off at high noon, and should be advertised as such. If there are less than 12 competitors, all shooters will compete in the shoot off.

90% of entry fees will be given back to the shooters.  10% of entry fees will go to the hosting club.  For instance, 20 shooters at $150.00 equals $3,000.00.  $300.00 can be kept by the host for expenses.  5 places will be awarded at any event with less than 20 shooters.  7 places will be awarded when there are 20 or more shooters.  Hosts do not have discretion to alter this payout structure.

We want our sponsors to know they are appreciated so they will continue to support the W.F.P.G.  Flyers, banners and other marketing materials need to be placed in public view.  Appreciation plaques or other recognition should be given to our sponsors.

Match hosts are permitted to use the W.F.P.G. logo.  10% of the profits made from using the logo will be sent to the W.F.P.G. office in care of Kelly Norvelle.

Close proximity motel rooms, parking areas, handicapped allowances, restaurants, etc.


Outside of these basic rules shooters will be expected to conduct themselves according to the gunfighter code of Fairness, Ethics and Sportsmanship. We police ourselves and each other, to be accountable to the Gunfighter Code:

1. Be fair in all things.
2. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.
3. Lend a helping hand, help each other to perform their best.
4. Be truthful in all things. If you know you made a violation, say so.
5. If you see someone else make a violation, say so. Tell them so they don’t keep repeating it.
6. Keep your equipment in good repair and within legal requirements.
7. Give your best effort in all you do.
8. Keep safety as your main priority.
9. Give respect and earn respect for yourself.
10. Be tough but fair. Cheaters are not welcome around any campfire.