Howard Darby


World Fast Draw Association 34 major titles (Chairman Sanctioned); including 18 world titles 17 world records

Cowboy Fast Draw Association 2009 Fastest Gun Alive – 2nd place

 FIREARM: Ruger New Vaquero  HOLSTER: Shaniko Holsters
 BULLETS: Bandit Wax  LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Howard discovered the sport of Fast Draw in 1981, was hooked, and quickly became one of the most traveled Fast Draw shooters in the sport. He has competed throughout the US, Canada, Japan, and met and interviewed shooters in the UK. Information on Howard’s shooting and performing can be found at Howard has worked hard to promote the sport, becoming the first resource on the internet in 1996 with, and at times acting as the webmaster for the WFDA and CFDA. He was often asked if he had instructional CDs, so in 2013 created to provide new shooters with videos to learn our sport. Howard is an IT professional who when not shooting Fast Draw can be found on his jet boat, RV’ing, or working to improve his photographic skills, samples of which can be found at