I retired from trucking in 2007 then looked into fast draw and found Noah Chance putting on a shoot and have been shooting ever since. I then became more involved I became a regulator in CFDA. I give ROC Classes And Range Master Classes.

In 2011 I won Texas state and again in 2012 just really getting started good then my back and neck went bad had 2 back surgery’s and neck and full left shoulder you can say I really fell apart. During all this time I started coaching a lot of people and it payed for spot of shooters they all are doing super. Anyway I will continue to get better I hope and I love to go fast that’s what I like about WFPG it’s all speed .

 FIREARM: Colt Army  HOLSTER: Shaniko
 BULLETS: Royal Purple Wax  LOCATION: Arizona

Retired trucker , 3 years Army , certified gun smith , CFDA regulator which is a safety officer, training at the camp with partner Levi.