8 thoughts on “Hello Gunfighters!”

  1. Wow, nice web page guys. I am honored to be able to shoot in the WFPG and will keep doing so in the future. I just started a new WFPG club here in Hartford, Ky and the membership seems to be growing. We just had our first monthly club shoot on 6/10/2017 and it was a great success. We will be having shoots every month on the second Saturday of each month.
    High Plains Drifter.

      1. This is exactly what I got involved in fast draw for . As a new shooter I try to learn as much as possible with a goal of ascending to a level good enough to compete here .

  2. Man it was great meeting the people that showed up from the list Master gunfighter is the most humble, nice, uplifting, commenting, person you will ever meet. Kodiak also extremely humble, nice, uplifting, and commenting person that you will also ever meet. I had the honor of meeting them this weekend at the worlds this year. It was an honor to play guitar for Master Gunfighter. I hope to see y’all again and I hope that next time y’all come around I will be able to show y’all what I got!

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